“Where there is WATER – there is LIFE!”

On 15th of February 2021, work began to install a water pump at Giesingskraal and we now have running water! Connections have been made to the irrigation tank and another to the jojo tank supplying the house with water on tap. Water is flowing at Giesingskraal!

In our country, many rural areas are affected by extreme climates and drought. Access to a reliable water supply for our agricultural entrepreneurs is the one thing that makes the difference between success and failure. Coupled with the need for power to operate their sprinkler systems or drive borehole pumps, their reliance on these essential services means that their productivity and farming success is directly affected by drought and the lack of access to water and electricity.

Catherine Riet is the owner of a Livestock and Crop Farmer at Giesingskraal, situated 80km from Britstown, in the Northern Cape! She shared her story about some of the challenges she has faced, without access to running water and tells just us how much this incredible moment meant for her farming business:

“I used to have to drive 2 kilometers to fetch water for my sheep and cattle, for my vegetable garden, as well as for the house. The cattle often jumped over the wire fences looking for water because the grazing camps also did not have water. Due to the heat they soon ran out of water, and even the kudus in the field also came to drink our animals’ water. So as a result, we had to drive to collect and bring water for the cattle two or three times, every day.”

“We are really very happy for the installation of the water pump bringing running water to our plot, as now we will not have to drive to fetch water anymore, and in my house the taps are running for the first time – I am really very grateful! We will now not only be able to save on fuel costs, but also be more productive with our time. The grazing camps do not have much food for the livestock due to the drought in the Northern Cape, but with the access to water I now have, we can plant Lucerne for the livestock and grow our own feed.”

“The water we now have at Giesingskraal means a lot to us, because where there is WATER – there is LIFE!”

Catherine Riet – Giesingskraal Owner.

Catherine’s story highlights the importance of the work done by Angels Resource Centres rural development projects, assisting both rural and metropolitan micro-farmers and entrepreneurs, walking the road with them, helping them get set up to ensure productivity, enabling them to not only become sustainable but provide employment and services that meet the needs of their communities.

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