Recycling Angels addresses food security, waste management and a variety of opportunities in the value chain related to green conscious activities.  It creates an environment where people find solutions for their problems and sustainable livelihoods for the benefit of entire communities. We work with municipalities and other stakeholders to bring hope, dignity, a clean environment and income streams for the participants in the Recycling Angels activities.   

We have set up an infrastructure of local entrepreneurs across the country, all contributing in various small, but sustainable ways towards diverting waste from the local landfills.  In this process they are benefitting from the access to our communal infrastructure, sales of commodities, upcycling, recycling and other green conscious activities. 

Our formal partnership with Stridalong also offers further opportunity to clean up the environment and create a regular income stream for participating entrepreneurs. 

As proud PETCO members, we also stay abreast of the ongoing changes and opportunities in the waste industry in general


The current challenge for the Northern Cape is to divert 1000 tonnes of waste from landfill every month, click below to participate!

In terms of the Government Gazette Vol:657 Dated 26 March 2020 No 43164 - Information regarding COVID19 can be found at HERE