Angels Board Members

Pat Carter is an accomplished professional with a Master of Arts in Gender Equality Strategies, Business and Community Development and a skilled business facilitator.  She is also the Chairperson of Angels Resource Centres.

Kay Inkster is the business advisor, start-up investor, Treasurer and Board Member of Angels Resource Centres. Kay’s mantra is ” I am passionate about people”.  Kay had dedicated the majority of her career to the development of others.

Lizelle Coombs is Group CEO of Angels. She is a Social Anthropologist who used her passion for working with people from different cultures, to start-up Angels Training Centre, Angels Resource Centres NPO and Business Start-up Kits. 

James Cairns holds a B.Sc. degree from Wits University and an M.B.A. from UCT. He runs James Cairns Consulting Associates, specialising in Strategy, Training and HR services. James is a Board Member and Secretary of Angels Resource Centres

Greg Daniels is a practicing attorney in his personal capacity and Board Member of Angels Resource Centre where his legal inputs provide an essential service to the organization

Zach George is a Board Member of Angels Resource Centres.  He is also the founder & CEO of Cactus Advisors – a specialist corporate finance, investment and business advisory firm based in Cape Town.

Angels Head Office Western Cape

Lizelle Coombs

Divisional Head – Western Cape

Sharmaine Twine

Group Financial Manager

Denise Dookoo

National Green Club Co-ordinator

Perseverance Chaza

Assistant Research, M & E and Impact Assessments

Thomas Chimaliro


Margaret Vhera


Cherry Arthur

Junior Bookkeeper

Tasneem Adam


Angels Head Office Northern Cape

Eddie Kampher

Divisional Head and CEO – Northern Cape

Annemarie Mostert

National Training Manager

Chantelle Fuller

Angels Group Financial Administrator

Sharomene Valentine

Angels Group HR Manager & Incubator Host

Marie Kers


Aviwe Allie

ED Liaison

Chris Vermeulen

Mentoring Program Manager

Other Teams

Angels Training Team

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Angels Social Franchise Teams

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