SPRING PIGLETS for Henry Jansen at Langelihle Livestock and Crops Northern Cape

Henry Jansen’s piggery came alive in the early hours of the morning on the 21st September 2021 when the first of his many spring litters of piglets were born!

It all started when sow 1004, farrowed a litter of nine piglets. Six survived and both piglets and mom were doing well. Later that evening Sow 1006 joined in the fun and farrowed 14 piglets of which 12 survived. We were so proud of her for the great litter she gave us. 8 sows and 4 boars.

They were all so tiny with the smallest one weighing only 800g. Henry and his team were up all night watching over the new babies and monitoring the 4 other sows that were also due within that week. Sow 1003 was quite content to be lazing in the farrowing pen despite the fact that she was actually also due on the same day, eventually farrowed 11 piglets a few days later!

Pig farming and production is an extremely complex management system, but Angels Resource Centres have developed a model that makes it a little easier for our entrepreneurs allowing Henry to do a full lifetime cost for each pig, from birth to slaughter, up front.

The projection tool will give him a fairly accurate estimate of what price he will need to sell for and help him choose the correct market to sell to.

It certainly was all hands on deck for Henry and his team members at Langelihle Livestock & Crops, Mariska Jansen, Leonadro Jansen, Telia Seekoei, Ivonne Jansen and Edwin Van Rooy who pulled together well to managed the deliveries and care for all their spring babies, who were so small and so cute, what’s not to love! Definitely worth all the hard work and lost hours of sleep!

Angels love seeing our Agri-entrepreneurs starting to fly … and helping them to keep flying with thanks to sponsors Solar Capital (Pty) Ltd and Mulilo Energy Holdings (PTY) LTD, who popped in for a site visit to see all the piglets.

Well done Henry, we are proud of you!

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