Bursary Management Services


Planning your Bursaries for 2025? | Transform Lives with Our Bursary Management and Support Service

We’re excited to introduce our comprehensive Bursary Management and Support Service, designed to provide equal educational opportunities for rural students. The overall aim is to ensure that the investment in the student leads to positive academic, personal, and professional outcomes, benefiting both the individual and the broader community.

Partner with us to manage your bursary scheme and transform the lives of rural students. Together, we can provide them with the educational opportunities they deserve.

Description and Outcomes

Empowering Rural Youth through Education!

Our unique initiative assigns a dedicated “Student Angel” to each bursary recipient, ensuring they thrive in their new urban environment. What Do Student Angels Do?

  • Welcome & Orientation: Easing the transition to city life, particularly if parents /guardians are unable to accompany.
  • Ongoing Support: Provide continuous guidance and emotional support via WhatsApp and in-person meetings.
  • Resource Direction: Connecting students to mentors, social services, and other necessary support systems, ensuring they have access to all available resources.
  • Guardian Role: Providing practical advice and a sense of security.
  • Family Communication: Facilitate and encourage communication with family, maintaining a strong support network.
  • Stakeholder engagements: Work closely with all relevant stakeholders in the process. (e.g. Academic Institutions, Parents, Angels Head Office, Funders).

Programme Structure & Activities

Why Partner with Us? Our services includes the following activities that are managed by Angels Resource Centres.

Fund Management:

  • Secure Funds: Managed accounts with strict protocols.
  • Timely Disbursement: Ensuring funds for tuition, living expenses, and more.
  • Financial Accountability: Transparent processes for trust and integrity.


  • Constitution Compliance: Supports management of bursary programmes and our NPO & PBO Status ensures operations will be conducted with integrity and fairness.
  • Legal Oversight: Reputable legal experts from Hey Attorneys oversee all processes, ensuring that bursary contracts between Angels Resource Centres and Funders as well as those between Angels Resource Centres and Beneficiary Students, have terms and conditions that are legally sound, equitable and transparent.

Yearly Support: 

  • Performance-based evaluations to ensure continuous student success.

Development and Training: This programme includes the following outcomes:

  • Local Impact: Student Angels employed by Angels Resource Centres as interns will be and trained and coached before being placed with a Bursary Recipient, recruited from areas local to the academic institutions.
  • Occupational Certificate: Interns are enrolled to complete an accredited Community Development Practitioner Certificate during the first year of their placement.
  • Various soft skills and life coaching sessions facilitated by the Mind Retirement Institute.

Angels comprehensive and structured approach to managing your bursary program ensures that each step, from selection criteria to ongoing support, is meticulously planned and executed. By aligning our recruitment process with your specific requirements, we guarantee that the most deserving and capable students are given the opportunity to excel in their academic pursuits.

Our commitment to providing not only financial assistance, but also personal and professional development through the Student Angels programme highlights our dedication to fostering future leaders and contributors to society. We are confident that our bursary program will deliver meaningful and measurable outcomes, aligning with your vision and goals.

Join Us in Making a Difference!
When you partner with Angels, you can trust us to manage your bursary scheme with integrity and transform the lives of rural students. Together, we can provide rural students with the best educational opportunities they deserve, and help them to thrive!

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you in empowering youth through education and making a lasting impact on their lives and communities. Contact Lizelle Coombs: 0861 111 950 | angels@angelsinc.co.za | South Africa