Rural Implementation Centre

Appointing Angels Resource Centres as your official Rural Development Implementation Centre (RIC) will allow us to deliver excellent programmes through locally capacitated service providers.

Conduct ABCDs :
This will enable us to understand the community requirements. We match results with your budget and desired, or strategically required outcomes

Match Service Providers:
If we can provide an ED programme ourselves (have a look at our programmes menu), we will handle the implementation, if outside of our scope, we will publish RFQs and screen local Service Providers.

Capacitate Local Service Providers:
Where there are no suitable local Service Providers, we will undertake to broaden local content by building a strong local supplier base for you.  We will recruit, support and capacitate local providers who can then continue to serve you.

Programme Administration:

    • Service Provider reports : you will receive an independent report from each service provider, prepared with our guidance.
    • Check programmes against budgets and assist new service providers with their budget reports.
    • Conduct site visits,
    • Conduct and Report on all impact assessments,
    • Conduct surveys and other relevant research related to the programmes and report accordingly.

Contact Lizelle Coombs, our Group CEO, to discuss Angels Resource Centres as your partners in Rural Development.  Lizelle can also be reached directly on 082 324 2786 or via our national landline 0861 111 950.

In terms of the Government Gazette Vol:657 Dated 26 March 2020 No 43164 - Information regarding COVID19 can be found at HERE