Recycling in the Northern Cape

Romany Thresher and Eddie Kampher discusses the role Angels plays in helping communities in the Northern Cape recycle with NoCRA.

There are no big companies in the Northern Cape that do recycling, and big companies from larger cities expect a minimum of 40T to collect recycling material. This means it makes it impossible for small entrepreneurs to get their recycling waste to the recycling centres.

This is where Angels NoCRA comes to the rescue by playing the role of the link between the small entrepreneurs and the recycling companies. They organize collection of the goods of small quantities from different places and collect it to the amount required (40T) which then is transported to the big recycling companies.

According to Eddie, it is very important for the communities to participate in collecting the recyclable materials, and all you have to collect is 1 Kilogram.

You can recycle plastic bottles, glass, cardboard, metal tools, spray bottles for the aluminum they contain, tins, cool drink tins…

One of the very interesting uses of recycling plastic bottles, he mentions in this talk are the Eco bricks, or Angel Bricks as they call them, where the bottles are stuffed until they become very hard as the bricks and can be used with the purpose of building different structures. “We will soon be entering a project with Agri-for-Change with my colleague Chris ver Meulen to build structures.”

Eddie explains that the benefit of recycling is to have clean, less polluted and more aesthetically pleasing environment, as well as helping municipalities by minimizing the cost of cleaning the land fields.

The slogan of Angels is “Each one divert one” and the message from Eddie is:” Let`s start here, the rest will work for itself. Let`s do little mundane things. If everyone does his or her bit than those ones that are in action will culminate and compound. My dream for everybody is to just start where you are.”

Angels recycling project is called NoCRA and stands for Northern Cape Recycling Angels. If you would like to know more about NoCRA and their activities or get involved in their projects, please contact Eddie on 0861 111 950 and ask for NoCRA!

Find out how you can get involved recycling in the Northern Cape