Introducing Women4Change – Empowering Futures: Women4Change is not just a programme; it’s a catalyst for change in the lives of young women, a programme that will give them confidence to step into the professional world with all the tools needed to shape promising futures.

Description and Outcomes

Participants will have a fun, fast paced and transformative experience with the Women4Change programme, crafted to empower women in under-resourced communities. Over five dynamic days, Beneficiaries delve into a week-long immersive experience each day, unlocking life-changing activities and knowledge. They will be empowered (facilitate and mentor) equipped (skills training) and enabled (stipend) to make the best possible choices towards a successful and prosperous life.

Upon completion, Beneficiaries will receive a certificate affirming their successful engagement with the programme.

Further outcomes include the following skills and abilities the Beneficiaries will inevitably portray through their behaviour and future actions :

  • Foster innovative thinking and initiative, encouraging exploration of scalability and sustainability.
  • Discover and explore diverse interests, strengths, and previously unconsidered markets.
  • Develop critical thinking, research, and analysis skills for informed decision-making.
  • Cultivate purposeful lives aligned with values and passions.
  • Build confidence and overall self-esteem, fostering resilience.
  • Forge valuable connections for opportunities and broader support networks.
  • Contribute to societal well-being through empathy and good service delivery.
  • Enhance cultural awareness, inclusivity, and effective collaboration in diverse settings.

Program Activities​

Over the course of five intense working days, participants will immerse themselves in practical, high-energy training sessions, dynamic group activities, and brief but impactful life coaching sessions, all designed to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills.

  • Launch league Entrepreneurial Modules (theory)
  • Worksheet activities (“homework”) and meetup sessions (group activities)
  • Business Start-up Kit (take-away from session as well as resource that will be used during bootcamps)
  • Coaching and mentoring break-aways

By the end of the program, beneficiaries should feel empowered, equipped, and inspired to take bold steps towards realizing their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Contact Lizelle Coombs on 0861 111 950 to launch a Women4Change programme, finding and developing our young women in business. Women4Change is aligned with the national priorities of education, health, and economic development, and has a proven track record of IMPACT. Don’t miss this chance to be a catalyst for change.

Email Angels to book a full presentation of the Women4Change Programme  available to you through Angels Resource Centres.