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Accredited Training Modules

  • FETC Generic Coaching NQF 4 – Includes additional *modules for:
  • Work Readiness
  • Athletics Coaching
  • Netball Coaching
  • Gymnastics Coaching
  • Football Coaching (Official D-License Course)

Youth Skills Development 

  • 12 Month Programme
  • Interactive Activities 
  • Community Engagements

Description and Outcomes

This programme is endorsed by The University of Cape Town (UCT) and focusses on creating opportunities for youth employment and entrepreneurship through sport. Groups of 15-20 youth participate in accredited sports qualification (theory) and interactive community-based activities (practical) included in this SETA accredited programme.

During the programme, there will be engagements that address the many social challenges faced by todays youth, imparting important life skills, while enjoying physical training and fun activities. Course objectives are:

  • To increase the number of people participating regularly in organised sports, recreation, and physical activity programmes.
  • To increase the quantity and quality of Sport and Recreation Leaders in the targeted communities.
  • To increase the number of sustainable clubs in the communities.
  • To establish community-based sport “Social Enterprises”
  • To develop employable youth with sports-centered skills.

*Training Modules differ in duration.
Angels are partnering with UCT, Dynamic Development Solutions and the Institute of Sport to bring all the expertise needed to help our rural youth achieve an accredited Certificate in Coaching.