The Green Club is an initiative dedicated to fostering skills development and environmental consciousness among learners in rural schools. Our mission is to create a clean, safe, and healthy environment where young learners can engage in fun, educational, and impactful green-conscious activities.

We invite you to become a sponsor of the Green Club at a rural school in your community. Your support will empower the next generation of rural leaders, inspire them to take care of their environment, and ultimately contribute to the well-being of our planet.

Description and Outcomes

The Green Club aims to provide an engaging and accessible platform for learners to develop environmental consciousness and leadership skills. Recognizing that many learners may lack interest or financial means for traditional extramural activities, the Green Club offers a free, inclusive, and dynamic alternative. With your sponsorship, the club is launched and well-established over 12 months, fostering a lasting impact on participating learners and their schools.

This Angels Resource Centres programme introduces environmentally friendly activities and recycling practices in schools through a fun club, managed by the Learners. The club hosts competitions, upcycling workshops and other “green” events. These interactive club activities use recycling and upcycling as opportunities for the young people to practice teamwork, leadership skills and engage in healthy competition.

  • Fun Activities | Recycling Competitions | Up-cycling Workshops

  • Environmental Impact: Immediate: Reduction in school waste through effective recycling, as well as potential income stream for club and school through upcycling and recycling activities.

  • Long-term: Cultivation of a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who carry sustainable practices into their future endeavors.

Promoting environmental awareness in rural communities by establishing recycling clubs within schools.

GET INVOLVED & MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Find out how you can be part of the change by sponsoring a Green Club.

Cleaning up the environment while having fun and transferring positive environmental practices that are both healthy and educational. Green Clubs create a clean, safe and healthy environment where children can participate in fun green-conscious activities and help learners develop their entrepreneurial skills by using their recycling activities as fundraising opportunities for the schools.