Mobile Units

Mobile Units


SUPPORTING RURAL COMMUNITIES – Bridging the Gap: Empowering Rural Communities with Mobile Services

While serving our rural communities, Angels have seen first-hand how access to essential services is a pressing necessity. While urban centers thrive with bustling businesses and readily available resources, rural communities often find themselves on the outskirts of progress, grappling with limited access to vital business support services (BDS) like business compliance, email and printing facilities, and even basic Wi-Fi connectivity.

Recognizing this disparity, we propose a pioneering solution – a Mobile Unit tailored to serve these rural communities, bringing a plethora of services right to their doorstep, giving you the opportunity to bridge this gap and empower rural communities with the tools they need to thrive.

Description and Outcomes

Mobile units are refurbished vehicles that are equipped with Wi-Fi and other technology, sustained through long-life batteries, charged via solar panels. This enables their functionality in rural environments, increasing our reach by bringing all the standard services provided by a Business eZone office to the people, serving rural entrepreneurs and communities.


  • Business Compliance Assistance
  • Printing Facility
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Bursary application support: assisting with bursary applications and accessing youth center opportunities
  • Pop-up Training Workshops

By launching a Mobile Unit equipped with the technology to provide these essential services, the aim is aim to revolutionize accessibility and catalyze growth in under-served rural areas.

Programme Structure & Activities

Implementing the strategies below, we aim to create a sustainable and impactful Mobile Unit service that not only provides crucial services to rural communities but also fosters local job creation and skills development, ensuring long-term benefits for the communities.

  • Creating Job Opportunities: Recruit up to three local individuals to manage the mobile unit and deliver services to the community. All must hold a valid driver’s license, and at least one must be an experienced driver, to ensure the team is well-equipped to handle the logistics of operating the mobile unit and navigating rural environments.
  • Skills Development: Comprehensive support, mentorship, and training will be provided to the mobile unit team over a 12-month period to maximize their impact. All team members will receive training in the services offered by the mobile unit and training in health and safety practices (Level One First Aid minimum). 
  • Safety and Security: Mobile units will be equipped with essential safety infrastructure: fire extinguishers, tracking systems and alarms. The appointed team will be responsible for the unit’s maintenance and safety, with support from Angels. Comprehensive insurance coverage will be in place to protect the unit and its operations, while robust safety measures and processes will be established to ensure the team operates in a secure environment.

This initiative is not merely about bringing services closer; it’s about fostering empowerment, innovation, and inclusive development. By launching a Mobile Unit equipped to deliver essential services directly to rural communities, we embark on a mission of empowerment and transformation. No community should be left behind!

Together, let us bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement, bringing the promise of progress within reach of every individual, every business, and every corner of our rural landscape. Contact Contact Lizelle Coombs: 0861 111 950 | | South Africa