The Future Leaders Eco-Camp is hosted at Soetwater Environmental Centre in Kommetjie, Cape Town for school attending youth between the ages of 13 and 16 years old. Eco-camps are held during the school holidays in April and December, typically for five full days at camp with two days for travel to and from Soetwater. 

Groups of 15 to a maximum of 50 Beneficiaries can be accommodated at the campsite.

The impact of the Eco-Camp extends far beyond the duration of the program by empowering the next generation of rural leaders. In rural communities where access to educational opportunities may be limited, the camp serves as a beacon of hope, igniting a sense of possibility and ambition among the young beneficiaries, creating a platform for youth to talk about social issues, equipping them with information and skills to make decisions that will positively impact their futures, all while experiencing the wonderful diversity of nature in the Cape. 

Description and Outcomes

A week of outdoor activities, engaging with nature, participating in fun team challenges and enjoying informative outings exposes the youth to many life-changing experiences. Inspiring and equipping rural youth with environmental and leadership skills through immersive nature-based activities and fostering a sense of responsibility and empowerment to advocate for their communities and the environment. The following outcomes can be expected:

  • Enhanced Environmental Awareness: Beneficiaries will gain a deeper understanding of ecosystems, coastal conservation, and the impact of human activities on the ocean, all learned during activities like sea life exploration and the Cape Point scenic route hike.
  • Leadership and Advocacy Skills: Beneficiaries will develop leadership skills by engaging in team-building activities such as beach Olympics and night hikes, and through sessions with PeaceJam youth counsellors. The aim is to encourage post camp involvement in leadership roles in their communities.
  • Practical Environmental Stewardship: Beneficiaries will practice hands-on environmental conservation techniques, such as beach clean-ups and observing sustainable tourism practices during the Cape Town Waterfront outing.
  • Community Engagement and Network Building: Beneficiaries will build relationships with peers, counsellors, and local environmental organizations, creating a supportive network for ongoing environmental initiatives. We hope to instill collaboration between camp Beneficiaries and mentors, post-camp, to encourage involvement in local environmental groups.
  • Increased Confidence and Personal Growth: Beneficiaries will show increased confidence and personal growth through challenging activities and discussions on social issues facilitated by PeaceJam youth counsellors.
  • Development of Long-term Environmental Projects: Beneficiaries will learn how to conceptualize and plan long-term projects that address specific environmental and social issues, inspired by their experiences at the camp.
  • Promotion of Sustainable Lifestyles: Beneficiaries will adopt and promote sustainable living practices, inspired by their hands-on experiences and learnings at the camp. We hope to inspire changes in personal behavior towards sustainability (e.g., reducing plastic use, conserving water) and participant-led initiatives to educate their communities about sustainability, once they are back home.

By focusing on these outcomes, this environmental leadership camp can provide a transformative experience for rural youth, empowering them to become proactive leaders and stewards of the environment in their communities. (Youth who participate in this camp will make ideal candidates for other youth/teen focussed programmes.)

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What parents had to say after their kids came home from camp!

Thank you’s received after the SCO sponsored Youth Camp held at Soetwater in Kommetjie, Cape Town – Dec 2023

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