Joshua’s Journey in the Motor Industry

IMAGE ABOVE: Together with his brother Daniel, co-owner of Kganyang NC Enterprise, meeting on site with their Angels mentor in Delpoortshoop – Northern Cape. Dec 2023

Joshua Louw's Remarkable Rise in the Motor Industry Leads to Promising Opportunities

Joshua and Denise Angels mentor site visit
Joshua Louw meets with Angels mentor Denise Dookoo on site at the Kganyang workshop in Delpoortshoop.

Kganyang NC Enterprise – Motor Industry: Vehicle Service & Repairs, Tyre Workshop & Driving School is based in Delpoortshoop, Kimberley, Northern Cape.

In a triumphant display of dedication and perseverance, Joshua Louw emerges as the shining star of this quarter. He is currently enrolled in the Matla A Bokone Enterprise4Change programme, offering training and mentoring to local entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Northern Cape.

This programme, facilitated by Angels Resource Centres, has a focus on enterprise development and business skills training. The programme aims to support small business growth by equipping the entrepreneurs with the essential skills needed to operate self-sustainable and profitable companies, turning them into employers within their community. 

IMAGES BELOW: vehicle servicing and repairs in progress by Joshua and team at the Kganyang workshop.

Joshua’s journey in the motor industry has been characterized by steady progression on his way to success. Beyond his roster of satisfied clients, he recently undertook significant projects for the Delportshoop municipality, providing a substantial financial boost to his thriving enterprise.

October marked a pivotal moment for Joshua as he engaged in a crucial meeting with the municipality to discuss a potential long-term contract. The outcome of this negotiation could prove to be a game-changer for his business, Kganyang NC Enterprise.

Recognizing the significance of this opportunity, we assisted Joshua in navigating the difficulties of updating his company registration documents, which had until then, been the sole limitation holding back his ambitions. With this administrative hurdle successfully overcome, Joshua now stands on the brink of securing a permanent contract with the municipality.

The recent acquisition of state-of-the-art Tyre workshop equipment further enhanced his capabilities by expanding his services to include tyre maintenance and repairs, positioning him as an even more formidable force in the motor industry. 

IMAGES BELOW:  Joshua’s Tyre workshop equipment. One of the key aspects of the Enterprise4Change course is assisting entrepreneurs to make well-informed asset purchases that will bring the best returns, helping them understand how their investment in essential business assets will, in turn, improve their service capacity and increase their businesses profitability.

Joshua’s business journey shows how his commitment to his training and his dedication to improving his business compliance has paid off, providing opportunities for growth!

As we eagerly anticipate the outcome of Joshua’s negotiations, it is evident that substantial success awaits this young entrepreneur from Delportshoop.

His story is a testament to the rewards that come to those who persevere, navigate challenges with determination, and seize opportunities with both hands. Joshua Louw’s journey is not just a personal triumph; it is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, signaling that big things are indeed on the horizon for those who dare to dream and are prepared to work tirelessly in order to turn those dreams into reality.

When asked how the Enterprise4Change training and mentoring has helped with his business, Joshua had this to say:

What is your opinion on what this programme was meant to deliver?

“To help underated businesses. To educate entrepreneurs of how business needs to be done. To be able to use line cash flow within the company.”

Do you believe that the program has met your expectations?

“YES, I am able to work on my budget and can have full responsibility on what’s really happening in the business. I am (now) able to use my cash flow responsibly with no errors.”

How has the accredited training you participated in during the programme, impacted the way you do business?

“I can say on a scale of (100%) Hundred percent. I am able to behave professionally, up on a 40% before I had no idea in dealing or behaving professionally with my workers or clients.”

Has the soft skills training you participated in during the programme, impacted you personally?

“YES, I am able to deal with conflict in a calm manner and have very good communicating skills, especially when coming to deal with difficult clients.”

Please share any comments or feedback about your mentor.
“My (Angels) mentor is the best person when it come to (giving) advises and helping me with every problem I come across so far, no problem. I really appreciate my mentor.”

Joshua’s advice for other young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business is to look for opportunities to get started and be prepared to do the hard work needed to make it happen! 

The Angels team are looking forward to seeing your business fly!

Contact Details: Joshua Louw – Kganyang NC Enterprises, Delpoortshoop
WHATSAPP: 064 473 2390 

Kganyang NC Enterprise in action repairing a vehicle
Joshua Louw engaging with a learner driver
E4C Accredited Training programme provides essential business development skills to local entrepreneurs

“Angels are so grateful for the opportunity we have had to partner with Matla A Bokone in making a positive impact on Enterprise Development within rural communities of the Northern Cape, South Africa.” Lizelle Coombs – Angels CEO

Through their sponsorship of the Enterprise4Change entrepreneur training and mentoring programme, facilitated by Angels Resource Centres, they are not only encouraging essential business skills development and enterprise development, but are positively impacting this community through the availability of services and employment opportunities created by these hardworking entrepreneurs growing businesses!

Contact Denise Dookoo to find out more about our Enterprise4Change programmes or how you can be part of the change with us by supporting rural entrepreneur development in South Africa!

Angels Resource Centres  Tel: 0861 111 950| Email:


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