Jonkies Market – New store helps Hutchinson Community

IMAGE ABOVE: Local Hutchinson entrepreneur, Carleton Jonker, successfully opened the doors of his new business, Jonkies Market, in November 2023, and in doing so became the first shop to open in Hutchinson, bringing access to essential supplies to his community.

Carleton's new store opens doors to the community

Carleton Jonker, took the initiative to develop a small business that would meet the need of his community

Carleton Jonker owner of, Jonkies Market based in Hutchinson, Northern Cape has recently completed the Noblesfontein Wind Farm sponsored, Enterprise4Change  programme that was run in Victoria West, with flying colours. The 12 Month programme, facilitated by Angels Resource Centres, has a focus on enterprise development and business skills mentoring. It aims to support small business growth by identifying and equipping local entrepreneurs and small business owners with the essential skills needed to be able to operate self-sustainable and profitable companies, turning them into employers in their communities.

Since the first day Carleton was introduced to the programme, he showed dedication and perseverance and worked incredibly hard toward his goal to become a store owner in his own community, by succesfully registering his small business, Jonkies Market.
Business Profile: Small Market – Retail industry; Reg Number: 2023/562831/07; B-BBEE Certificate: Level 1

IMAGES ABOVE: Group sessions facilitated by Angels Resource Centres mentor Apiwe Veli, attended by Carleton, who actively engaged in workshops aimed at improving the local entrepreneurs business skills.

Starting with nothing but a good idea, Carelton was given tasks like: setting goals, creating a budget for the year, developing a bankable business plan, listing the needs in his community and researching his competitors, in order to help keep focused on developing his small business and tracking his progress.

The process included much planning and preparation before being able to open his store, namely: securing premisies, business registration, local municipality tuckshop application and approval, building renovations, such as ceilings, counter, shelving, security doors, electrical installation and certification (COC).

Carleton was able to start with building renovations in July and good progress meant 60% of the work was done by mid-August, and his store was 100% completed in October! Next steps included the purchase of equipment and fridges, and of course, stocking his shelves. A vital visit from the district municipalities Health and Safety inspector, led to the successful launch of Jonckie’s Market, with doors opening to the public in November 2023. A positive turnout on the first day of operations was a great indicator of local interest and potential success for the future of Jonckie’s Market.

It is clear that all of Carelton’s efforts and preparations paid off, and he was rewarded by achieving his goal! Being proactive in monitoring and analyzing customer feedback, sales trends, and other relevant metrics has helped Carleton to make informed decisions and adjustments when needed.

Jonckie's Market started to stock his shelves in preparation for his store opening in November.
Carleton Jonker, took the initiative to develop a small business that would meet the need of his community

Just a month after opening, Jonckie’s Market has seen growth, with a high demand for frozen food and soft drinks and meat products prompting Carleton to invest in an asset purchase, aquiring a deep freezer to help him meet his customers’ demands.

Under the astute management of Carleton, Jonckie’s Market has demonstrated remarkable performance, achieving an impressive daily sales average of R 2000 during the festive season.

Carleton attributes this success to the opportune timing of his business launch within the small community at a favorable moment, combined with the ability to address a critical community challenge by reducing transportation costs to Victoria West and neighboring towns for shopping.

The market has not only flourished financially but has also played a pivotal role in alleviating community concerns, making it an essential and valued establishment in the local landscape.

Despite the struggle to find reliable low-cost suppliers who can deliver to Hutchinson, his business has flourished, but it is essential for Jonckie’s Market to find suppliers that will allow him keep his prices affordable for his customers. By engaging with his customers, gathering insights, and maintaining a high level of customer service, he will contribute to the long-term success of the business. Jonckie’s Market promises to not only be contributing to the economic landscape but also committed to addressing social needs within the community.

Jonckie’s Market’s future is bright indeed and we look forward to seeing him become an employer and make a positive impact in his community!

Carletons story is a testament to the rewards that come to those who persevere, navigate challenges with determination, and seize opportunities with both hands. His journey is not just a personal triumph; it is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs,  giving hope to those who dare to dream and are prepared to work hard in order to make their dreams a reality.

When Jonkies Market opened for business in Nov 2023, Carelton Jonker not only become the first shop owner in Hutchinson, he also brought access to essential supplies to his community – and helped them save on transport costs!

This is Carleton’s success story:

“I’m from a small community based in Victoria-West, NC. However, the area I live in is 13km away from the town. Because we are set away from the economic hub, it creates an obstacle due to transportation needed to get to town. Every shopping we intend to do, first requires a solution to the lack of transport. At times, it’s smaller household items we need with immediate effect. Most of the time, it doesn’t make sense to travel to town for those consumable items.

So I saw the need that my small community had, and that led to me establishing this enterprise. I started a local shop that can supply the basic consumers’ household products at an affordable price. Buying in bulk gives me access to cheaper products, which I can resell to my community. Thus filling the gap for the people living in an area which didn’t have any shops. I am seeing consistent growth emerging due to certain products that are in high demand daily.

This new shop has already brought magnificent change to the lives of the people.” Carleton Jonker – shop owner.

The Angels team have seen first hand evidence of how the Enterprise4Change mentoring programme has helped with his business development, and are looking forward to seeing you fly!

Carleton Jonker – Jonkies Market : Hutchinson Northern Cape
WHATSAPP: 082 545 3327

Carleton on site at his shop premises with Angels Mentor Apiwe Veli
Carleton Jonker inside his new shop - Jonkies Market

Creating Opportunity for Successful Small Businesses

E4C 2023-24 programme participants sponsored by Noblesfontein Wind Farm - Providing SMME Mentoring, guided asset purchases and essential business skills to local entrepreneurs.

” It’s been truly uplifting to witness the positive impact that the program has had on these businesses, transforming not only their operations but also influencing numerous livelihoods. The changes implemented, such as adjusting payment policies, optimizing resources, and investing strategically in tools and materials, reflect a commitment to growth and sustainability.” Apiwe Veli – Angels mentor

Angels are so grateful for the opportunity we have had to partner with Noblesfontein Wind Farm in making a positive impact on Enterprise Development within their communities in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

Through their sponsorship of the Enterprise4Change entrepreneur mentoring programme, facilitated by Angels Resource Centres, they are not only encouraging essential business skills development and enterprise development, but are positively impacting this community through the availability of services and employment opportunities created by these hardworking entrepreneurs growing businesses

Contact Denise Dookoo to find out more about our Enterprise4Change programmes or how you can be part of the change with us by supporting rural entrepreneur development in South Africa!

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