Business Support Services and micro- incubators

Business e-Zone is a registered Angels Resource Centres Social Franchise that supports localized business growth.  They are small, cost effective centres, easy to set up and designed to become self-sustaining within a short period of time. 

Business e-Zones offer business and office support services to the public, micro-incubator space for developing entrepreneurs and each Business e-Zone usually offers other additional services applicable to the community they serve. 

Click HERE to visit the e-Zone website and find a centre near you.

Tech Zones are usually opened next to a business e-Zone, but can also be standalone.  The purpose is to introduce the entire community to 4iR from within a fully equipped and resourced facility.  This will include practical training and exposure to various tech related opportunities.


e.g. Basic Coding, Digital Literacy, IT Technical Support, IT Systems Development, etc


e.g. Optic Fibre Installation and Maintenance, Mobile Repairs, etc.


Community based and outside service providers can use the facilities at any time under guidance and with support of the tech-zone management.

Both e-Zone and Tech-zone will become known as resource centres where the entire community can find support and information. Their sustainability is ensured through the services it provides to the community.  To keep the centres relevant and encourage community participation, there will be regular information sessions and fun activities hosted on-site.

Is your company interested in launching a Business e-Zone and/or Tech-Zone as part of your Enterprise Development or Socio-Economic Development programme? Contact our National Franchise Manager, Denise Dookoo  discuss opportunities in your area.

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