Many of the entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities are talented and have great ideas, but face challenges that are greater than their current capacity. Our programmes tackle these challenges head-on and focus on developing the critical entrepreneurial skills that are often overlooked, but needed for these entrepreneurs to succeed.


The recent outbreak of the Corona virus and extended lockdown have again emphasised the importance of food security and the ability of individuals and communities to sustain themselves for extended periods of time. One of the ways to ensure this, is the establishment of sustainable urban and rural agricultural projects – from subsistence level to full commercial ventures.

During our years of work in rural urban and deep rural areas, we have met a large number of rural entrepreneurs across most of the agricultural value chain – both livestock and crop production. We receive numerous calls each week for assistance and business support from these agri-entrepreneurs. Now, more than ever, there is an increased urgency to support sustainable interventions in the sector.

Our Agri4Change programme was designed after extensive work and research in both metropolitan and rural communities and is aimed at launching agri-entrepreneurs in communities and from there grow the value chain to support local and regional economic development.

“We help you maximise the
impact of your enterprise
development initiatives”
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This is one of our most successful and popular implementation programmes in rural and under resourced communities. It has a proven track record of creating sustainable entrepreneurs.  View our You Tube channel for entrepreneurial stories and feedback.


During this programme we accelerate selected entrepreneurs through asset funding, business development support services (BDS) and an intensely focused mentorship programme.  By igniting these entrepreneurial champions in a community, job creation and sustainability quickly follows.

BDS funding is channelled through Intellimali Cards, allowing the entreprneurs to control their own spending within this framework.  It support entrepreneurs in understanding good financial management and develop healthy spending habits to the benefit of their businesses.

Our Vodacom (Mobizone) partnership supports convenient and cost efficient communication options. 

This is a 24-month programme, implemented over three phases and includes a Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management or Business Management Skills.

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The aim of The Big Waste Wake-up (TBWW) programme is to introduce entrepreneurs in the informal sector to new opportunities within the waste management and recycling industry.  This programme provides business skills training, waste management & recycling training and business mentoring.  This programme helps to clean up the environment, create employment and better health & safety in the communities. 


This is a 12 month programme and includes a Certificate in Basic Waste Management & Recycling.


As part of our TBWW programme, we have set up an infrastructure of entrepreneurs, all contributing in various small, but sustainable ways towards diverting waste from local landfills. 


These inclusive activities are grouped under our Waste4Change project.  In this process entrepreneurs and the community benefit from access to our communal infrastructure, sales of commodities, upcycling, recycling, composting and other green conscious activities. 

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Although we face many economic and social challenges in South Africa, we have a unique and vibrant culture of community-based entrepreneurship - Local entrepreneurs who are not afraid to persevere and overcome any challenge.


The aim of The Big Shake-up (TBSU) programme is to turn survivalist and micro entrepreneurs into sustainable enterprises who can be the enablers and potential employers in their communities.  This is achieved through teaching sustainable business practices and skills and encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset.


This programme has a focus on business skills training and group mentoring with a unique focus on rural and survivalist entrepreneurs. 


This is a 12 month programme and includes a Certificate in Basic Business Skills.

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In collaboration with ED Partners, we set up micro-incubators as Business Support Hubs in communities where we believe a continuous, physical presence will create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs.  These Hubs are called “Business e-Zone”.

Through the Hubs, we guide, support, and nurture local entrepreneurs and serve the needs of programme-sponsored participants. The Hubs provide a variety of Business Development Support (BDS) Services, Seed Funding Opportunities and regular Workshops by industry experts.  Some Business e-Zones also offer a TechZone and internet café introducing communities to basic computer literacy and tech skills.

Business e-Zones can also own mobile business units, equipped with solar panels and batteries so that they can serve outlying communities with business services, pop-up training, bursary and other applications, general admin services and Wi-Fi access.

A typical hub employs 2-4 people immediately, and after a three-year training period (during which they usually reach sustainability), the employees graduate from the incubation and training programme as the 100% owners of the business and continue to serve their community and bigger businesses as skilled and sustainable providers.

“Our goal is to have business support hubs in all of South Africa’s rural and under-resourced areas to ensure a high success rate for our local entrepreneurs”.