Focus group: Gen-Z, youth who recently matriculated (no longer than two years) and reside in under-resourced communities recent matriculants & up to two years post matric


The aim is to support them during a post school gap year in preparation for their journey into further education, employment or entrepreneurial activity.  This programme is implemented in partnership with Lead Academy.  The curriculum will take the Students through a programme that will equip them with not only theoretical knowledge, but also valuable life skills through experiential learning using relevant and exciting topics.

The curriculum includes the following learning streams: Tech Skills, Life Skills,Job Skills and Business Skills.  The programme is designed to include group outings, life experiences and other activities which adds an element of fun and adventure, but also to keep Students fully engaged to achieve programme outcomes.

Goals and targets are set at the start of the programme and each achievement is celebrated to motivate, inspire and encourage the group.


At the end of the programme, the Students will achieve a Higher Certificate in Leadership Skills from LG SETA

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”

Franklin D Roosevelt

Looking after our future leaders is a responsibility we all share.


Focus group: Learners between ages 14-16


Constant negative influences can have detrimental effects as our children develop, making it even more critical to engage them in activities that are positive, appropriate and relevant to their age and that can leave them with new ideas and skills and also feeling hopeful, confident and energized.


The aim is to support the young learners during school holidays on their journey into adulthood.  Whether they plan on further education, potential employment or a dream of entrepreneurship, we strive to instil in them some excitement and new ways of thinking during their adventure with us.


We prefer to take the children away from home for all seven days (six nights) so that they can experience the full impact of the week’s activities without any outside (or familiar) input or influence.


The Soetwater environmental youth camp in Kommetjie, Cape Town is our venue of choice.   The camp is completely safe and designed for youth camps, hosted there regularly during the year.  


Seven (7) days are ample for the delivery, giving two (2) days for travel on either side, (achievable from any province in South Africa, to Cape Town) and five (5) days filled with activities. 


Focus group: Youth aged 18-35 starting, owning or interested in a business

This programme follows a similar outcome to our EDP programme, but presented in a format that is more youth centred.

The programme launches with community recruitment drives, a rigorous pitch deck training programme and presentation skills activities. 


A lively and action packed pitch deck event is hosted where the recruited entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges and interested community members, friends, family and peers.

Elimination rounds result in the top ten youth being selected who then qualify for a 24 month development and funding programme.


Further education and business acceleration opportunities are identified and developed during the programme.


Green Clubs are launched in under-resourced schools in communities where environmentally conscious activities can have a positive social impact amongst school children and generate income for the school. 


The clubs are structured social clubs within a school where the volunteer members focus on recycling.   The young club members can engage with the adult entrepreneurs in the waste management and recycling industry, with guidance from the Angels GreenClub co-ordinator and their local school Green Club champion.

It is not only fun, but also a wonderful opportunity for the young people to improve their leadership skills and be exposed to real entrepreneurial activities. Waste and Recycling themed competitions are hosted where the school and club wins prizes and, in the process, the environment around them are cleaned up, creating many healthy and safe spaces.