Angels Staff Champ Award 2023


The Angels Staff Champion Award goes to a deserving staff member who is nominated by the Angels Team, and is someone who has excelled in the following criteria:

1. Friendly
2. Excellent customer service
3. Positive attitude
4. Good work ethic
5. Hard-working

Congratulations to our winner – Warren August
You are our Angels Staff Champion – June 2023!

BIG shout-out goes to Warren August, our incredible Community Liason Officer, based in the Northern Cape.

Let’s take a moment to recognize and applaud Warren for his outstanding community service! 
Your work ethic is what makes the Angels team fly!  Thank you for being part of the change in our communities! 

Such a proud moment. Well done Warren – You are our very deserving ANGELS CHAMP!

Angels Champ June 2023 is Proudly Awarded to:


Warren, you truly embody the spirit of a dedicated community champion.

Your unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others is truly inspiring. Whether it’s lending a helping hand, spreading kindness, or going above and beyond to support the Angels team, you have consistently shown what it means to be a true Angel among us.

Warren, you remind us that each of us has the power to create positive change. Your dedication to service serves as a shining example for everyone around you, encouraging us all to do our part and make a meaningful impact.

On behalf of the entire Angels team, we want to express our gratitude for your exceptional dedication to the communities and our projects. We are fortunate to have someone like you on board, spreading kindness and making a real difference. 

Let’s give Warren a round of applause and show our appreciation for his contributions!

Working together, the Angels team aims to make a difference – by efficiently managing the practical implementation of all our programmes. Providing the opportunity for change, through our relevant training and reliable services that have a positive impact and help our organisation to support, empower and upskill local entrepreneurs and communities across the country.

Angels are so excited about the growth and development that is evident in the rural communities that we are building into, and it’s with thanks to your support and sponsorship that we can continue impacting lives and making a difference in the most vulnerable communities in South Africa.

Non-Profit Organisation NPO 154-928 | PBO No. 930050673 (For donations, a Section 18-a Tax Certificate is available and will be issued on request)

It’s with thanks to your support and kind donation that makes the magic happen at Angels, and is literally the wind under our wings. We look forward to creating real change – together!