About Angels

Our Life Chain Approach marks a transformative era in rural development—a collaborative effort involving all stakeholders, intelligent fund allocation, shared success, and, most significantly, a steadfast commitment to forging long-term partnerships that usher in tangible, sustainable change for South African communities.

Our vision is to create a world in which people identify their own solutions and can provide for their communities.

Our mission is to deliver programmes that tackle these challenges head-on and focus on developing the critical skills that are often overlooked, but needed for communities to succeed.

Our programmes help to establish sustainable small businesses through the upliftment of rural and survivalist entrepreneurs. Many of these entrepreneurs are talented and have excellent business ideas, but face challenges that are greater than their current capacity.

Angels are active in outreach, implementing  Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes for the empowerment of youth, women and other community members, that aligns perfectly with our vision and mission by benefitting the whole community.

Our purpose is to IGNITE potential, INTEGRATE communities and positively IMPACT the world around us.

“We are passionate and committed to create a world in which people identify their own solutions and can provide for their communities”

Angels Volunteer Board

The Angels Board consists of experts in various fields, all giving freely of their time, expertise and passion to guide us in our overall strategy, mission and vision.

Angels Executive Committee

The Angels Executive Committee comprises of our Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) Chief Operation Officer (COO), Financial Manager and a Board Representative.

The Angels Team

Angels staff are based in a number of provinces in South Africa. We operate remotely and work together as a team to manage the administration and finances of our organisation, as well as the implementation of all our programmes and services across the country.